Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Qi gong Energy

In order to apply the doctrines of Taoism in practice, energy is needed. In its absence, concrete results cannot be achieved. This ubiquitous original energy is called Qi energy. It cannot be measured in the usual ways that our science uses. Qi energy cannot be seen or embraced, it permeates everything on Earth.

What is the essence of Qi gong energy

As it spreads to the sky, it unites everything that exists into a single natural force. The action of qi energy can be called the cornerstone of Tao’s theory of unity. Only the manifestations of the energy of qi can be seen or touched. And although the origin of this energy is unknown, its action is subject to clear principles applied in a number of different disciplines.

Having learned to manage the qi energy in practice, we are getting closer to understanding the Tao Path itself. The material world of the visible (or Yang) allows us to better understand the invisible world (Yin). And the basis of all principles of Taoism is the application of the energy of qi.

Analysis of the glow of the aura will help to understand the causes of many problems related to health, emotional well-being, communication with others, understanding of themselves and their inner world.

You will receive a detailed explanation of the individual characteristics of your aura. Our master will determine the level of energy in each chakra and the entire energy system. From the data defined by the Aura Sensor you will learn how the energies of the Mind, Body and Spirit are distributed in your life and much more.

However, it should be noted that the development of our spirituality can be prevented by such unpleasant moments as a headache, a cold, any other sudden illness. And here we will forget about the necessity of enlightenment, putting in the foreground the search of means that can facilitate the physical condition. So before you start to understand higher matter, you should worry about the health of your body.

The energy of qigong can be used in various situations. Below are the ones that are most commonly used:

  • treatment through Chi

Treatment by means of Qigong energy implies that by performing certain exercises, you inject into yourself the life-giving power of nature, then passing it through your body. This qigong technique can be used on its own or combined with other healing methods.

  • A healing qigong practice

This use of qigong energy is based on preventive and recovery aspects of Chinese medicine. With the help of qigong, you can learn how to control the reactions of your mind and body to stressful situations. This is achieved by preventing high blood pressure, anger and irritation.

  • Sports practice

By practicing qigong in sports or martial arts, it is possible to achieve better coordination of movements, endurance, strength, and so on. The energy of qigong makes it possible to achieve the most significant results in almost all sports.

  • Spiritual lessons of qigong

For those engaged in the arts, qigong practices will give the opportunity to achieve self-consciousness, tranquility, harmony with nature. The use of spiritual practices is common in Buddhism and Taoism.

Qigong stages – working with energy at different levels

Despite their figurativeness, Qigong practices have a clear structure and hierarchy. In each set of exercises, you can see an accurate and understandable technology aimed at working with the body, mind and forces of the body.

Work with the body

Having started practicing qigong, one should not immediately think about performing complex breathing exercises. The task of the first stage is to build a structure. Qigong practitioners, like yoga practitioners, first of all teach to work with muscles, ligaments, bone structures. Only after you build up your posture it will be comfortable to do the rest of the exercises.

Working with the state (meditation)

Having built up the structure of the body, achieving a perfect posture, you can go to the second stage of Qigong practitioners. The exercises here aim to hear the inner silence by stopping the inner monologue.

Faced with the choice of meditation practices, stop at those that you understand. Qigong practitioners can offer techniques that will teach the brain to work in the mode we need.

Working with energy

What for many is qigong energy work actually begins only in the third step of practice. It is impossible to master the breathing techniques that allow us to accumulate energy without a good body structure and the ability to enter into silence. With the help of breathing techniques qigong can rejuvenate the body, increase energy levels, fill with additional forces.

Qigong breathing exercises for energy recovery

It’s no secret that breathing is at the heart of life. Most of us intuitively strive to be outdoors as often as possible, walk in parks, relax near water bodies or in mountainous areas where there is a lot of clean air.

At the same time as oxygen, Qi energy enters our bodies through the airways. Ordinary breathing, which we use in everyday life, allows to get only a small part of it. Energy Qi is spent in moments of exhalation, atomized in periods of ill health, fatigue, anxiety, depression.

The space around us is filled with a huge amount of Qi energy, but we do not know how to use it properly. Meanwhile, it is important for both health and mental development, as well as for the psycho-emotional background.

You can look at Qigong’s breathing practices differently. Diseases, troubles, experiences, and stresses have a detrimental effect on people, depriving them of strength and energy. If these resources are not restored purposefully, the subsequent life will look more like existence.

Qigong practices deep breathing, which carries healing energy to the human body. The practices allow the students not only to raise the level of vitality and accumulate the stock of Qi energy in the body, but also to develop calm, become mentally more flexible and resilient.

Everyone who has a long and happy life as a priority should think about Qigong practices. Most of humanity has never learned to replenish energy and strength, while in China these opportunities were known before writing.

The ancient monks turned to nature, imitating animals and elements and seeking to use their positive qualities for the benefit of themselves and their own bodies.

Subsequently, Qigong practices were divided into a number of new branches. They were used for medicinal and health purposes, as a means of increasing physical strength and strengthening the body, and with their help achieved diversity in martial arts. The “higher”, spiritual qigong, was intended to help in learning the mysteries of the universe.

Proper breathing helps Qigong practitioners to recover the body, push back old age, strengthen muscles and ligaments, get a plastic and flexible spine, eliminate physical pain, find their place in life, finding harmony and inner peace.

With the help of Qigong’s healing breath you can strengthen your body so much that even during epidemics you can stay absolutely healthy. Healing practices allow you to defeat existing diseases, even those that have reached the stage of chronic.