Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Bioenergy Healing

I am not seldom asked: What is the difference between a Healer who has a Dedication and a Healer – bioenergy? And which of them should be preferred when you want to become a Healer yourself or get help?

Bioenergy is a field substance that permeates the entire space of the Universe, controls all processes taking place in it, and maintains an information and energy relationship between objects and living beings located there.

Bioenergy provides connection of a person with the environment, his internal organs, systems with each other and connection of a body with consciousness and psyche. Bioenergy enters the human body with the air and is a force necessary for health and the accomplishment of all things.

I would like to note that this definition works both for bioenergy and for a person who has received dedication to one or several systems. The only difference is that for bioenergy, a tool to control this flow, is the state of activation of one’s own internal forces, whereas for the dedicated healer, such a tool is the system to which he is dedicated.

Who is bioenergy?

Bioenergy is a healer who works only with the energy of his own field, which is unsafe for him and the patient. And it can have irreversible consequences.

Which Energy Healing Systems are the most effective?

All these methods are based on the alignment of the student with the energies of a higher power through dedication. The basic principle for each System is healing through external energies. All methods have a Spiritual orientation and are oriented to the self-development of a person, to the attainment of harmony, spiritual growth and physical health.

What is Dedication?

Dedication is a kind of magical ritual with the help of which the Guru transfers the student to a higher spiritual and energy state. Depending on the depth of the dedication, the healer is able to heal himself and others, make dedications, and teach his disciples.

What does the Healer receive as a result of the Dedication?

With a dedication, a disciple receives the key – access to the energies of a higher power and permission to work in that way. Dedication occurs both through the teacher’s touch to the disciple and remotely. After the dedication, a pupil is taught at the school, gets the necessary knowledge, techniques, instructions for using this method.

In order for the work of the Healer to be effective and bring tangible, beneficial results, he needs to change:

  • to heal from his own ailments;
  • fundamentally change his world view;
  • abandon habitual thoughts, emotions and actions.

Otherwise, all this burden will not allow the dedicated one to become a master of his work. Without dedication, it is impossible to achieve such a goal overnight. It can take years, decades, lives. Not everyone manages to follow the chosen path steadily. The accumulation of destructive energies in the human field, negative emotions and negative thoughts, repressed will, clouded mind, will constantly take a man away from the Path.

Thanks to the dedication, the whole process of transformation passes much faster, the person becomes more conscious, the quality of energy changes, the world perception becomes different. The disciple receives an impulse for development, rises to higher levels, and as a result comes to spiritual and physical healing.

What are the similarities and differences between the work of the Healer – bioenergy and the Dedicated Healer?

Both deal with energies. In my opinion, that’s the only resemblance.

But there are more differences:

1.) Working with bioenergetics methods requires some innate abilities, whereas anyone can pass the dedication into any of the known systems and learn to work;

2.) Bioenergy, to work with people, uses its biological energy and therefore tends to accumulate as much energy as possible from the nearest, accessible space or object in various ways available to it. The dedicated Healer understands that he is a conductor of higher powers energy and works to ensure that energy does not accumulate, but flows freely through him all the time;

3.) Under constant stress associated with the increasing number of people seeking help, the bioenergy loses its biological energy and weakens. Next comes a period of recovery for it. This period can be long and often painful, depriving the Bioenergy healer of the opportunity to continue working with people until the end of this period.

The Dedicated Healer has the opposite situation – the more people come to see him, the stronger he becomes. Such a healer improves himself in his work, becomes a quality conductor of the energies of the higher powers, gains skill and experience;

4.) While for bioenergy the main and, in fact, the only task is to heal a human being from an illness.

Dedicated Healer has a lot of such tasks, the sphere of his influence on human life:

  • Cleansing of premises, spaces and territories;
  • Exorcism of entities;
  • Modeling events and influencing interpersonal relationships;
  • Neutralization of negative magic influence;
  • Getting rid of physical and spiritual ailments;
  • Consecration of various objects, substances and spaces.

5.) Healer – bioenergy works exclusively in contact. The Dedicated Healer can work remotely as well.

6.) The uniqueness of the method of work of the dedicated healer is in the complex approach to the human problem. Changes occur not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual one. Energy healing sessions give impetus to Spiritual development and, as a consequence, to changes in the worldview.

In my opinion, this is the main and most important difference. Such an approach does not bind a person to the healer, but opens up the possibility to realize the root of the problem, to bring up spiritually, to find integrity and to take up the path of healing for oneself. Bioenergy does not have such tools to influence a person.

As you can see, the difference is very significant. A person who has been able to understand this and has decided to become a healer appreciates the benefits of the energy healing and usually chooses to do so. It happens that a healer has dedications in several energy healing systems.

It allows the Healer to generate:

  • Properties (down to the chemical composition) of any substance;
  • The frequencies of any energy on a planetary-space level;
  • Potential and abilities of any human, animal, plant. And purposefully influence the life, health, destiny of both his and other people.